Death By Sugar

Mosquito Control

Attractive Targeted Sugar Bait (ATSB®) is a new device developed by biotech company Westham, that is attached to the outside of buildings. It lures the malaria-carrying mosquitoes to their death by appealing to their natural sugar feeding behaviour and thencovering the sugar meal with poison. The ATSB targets mosquitoes that bite outside which may otherwise be missed by existing products like sprays and nets which focus on providing protection inside the home.

The development of ATSB® has been supported by the Innovation Vector Control Consortium(IVCC) using funding from UK Aid and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, bringing together scientists from The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), Keele University, Imperial College London, and the University of Oxford. Modelling suggests that this innovation could reduce the number of new malaria cases by 30% when deployed in sub-Saharan countries, possibly starting as early as 2024.